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Library Information and Policies: Loanable Technology

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Devices...We Got 'Em

The Parkland Library loans a number of electronic devices. From calculators to laptops and iPads, see the complete list below and go to the Main Desk if you want to borrow any of these items.  

  • Don't forget your Parkland ID Card.
  • The table below shows who is eligible to borrow various items, how long they can be kept, and specifies whether or not they may leave the library.
  • Some devices require a Loanable Technology Borrowing Agreement to be signed and on file. This requires one additional form of ID--your Parkland ID plus driver's license, state ID, passport, etc.

Here's the List

Windows Laptop Students Only

3 hours

Chromebook Students, Faculty and Staff

3 days

iPad Air iPad Students, Faculty and Staff 3 days
Calculator TI 84

Students, Faculty and Staff

3 hours
Kindle eReader Kindle

Students, Faculty and Staff

2 weeks
Video Camera video camera

Students, Faculty and Staff

1 week
Web Cam web cam

Students, Faculty and Staff

In Library Use

3 hours

Headphones headphones

Students, Faculty and Staff

In Library Use

3 hours

USB Microphone

microphone Students, Faculty and Staff

In Library Use

3 hours

Wacom Pen Tablet 

wacom tablet

Students, Faculty and Staff

In Library Use

3 hours

LCD Projectors   Students, Faculty and Staff

1 week

GoPro Students, Faculty and Staff 1 week

i>Clicker System

Parkland Library offers a complete i>Clicker system for faculty and staff checkout. For more information, visit this page:


Loanable Technology Policy

Parkland College Library owns a variety of electronic devices, including but not limited to laptops, Kindles, iPads, Chromebooks, and video cameras. This policy refers to electronic devices that patrons check-out, both for in-Library use and for use outside the Library.


  • Parkland College employees and currently registered Parkland College students in good standing (no outstanding fines) may borrow loanable technology from the Desk.
  • Borrowers with delinquent accounts are not permitted to borrow equipment.


  • Borrowers will be required to sign the Loanable Technology Borrower Agreement once per semester.
  • The borrower’s current Parkland College ID AND Driver’s License or State ID must be presented, along with a current phone number; no exceptions will be made.
  • The agreement will be kept on file for one semester.
  • All Library fines must be paid in full before borrowing loanable technology.
  • Once equipment is checked out to a borrower, it becomes the responsibility of that borrower.


Loanable technology items are circulated on a first-come, first-serve basis and may not be placed on hold or Reserve. Internet access is provided through the campus wireless network. Check-out of equipment is not permitted 1 week prior to the end of the semester; equipment check-out will resume the first day of classes.

   Laptop computer

  • The loan period is 3 hours, with no renewal.
  • Can be used anywhere on campus.
  • Laptops will stop circulating 1 hour before library closing.
  • Must be returned no later than 30 minutes before the Library closes or fines will be applied.
  • Dell Latitude 3460, Core i3.

   iPad Air, Chrome Book

  • The loan period is 3 days with no renewal.

Video Camera, Digital Recorder, LCD Projector

  • The loan period is 7 days with no renewal.


  • The loan period is 14 days, with one possible renewal.


  • Equipment must be returned directly to a staff member at the Desk
  • Do not return equipment to the Library book drop.


  • Non-refundable overdue fines of $10.00 per day, plus $15 processing fee, will be charged for each piece of equipment checked out.
  • Equipment that is 48 hours overdue may be treated as stolen property. Parkland College will take any legal action to recover stolen equipment.
  • Failure to pay overdue fines, repairs, replacement costs or any other charges will result in a hold on the borrower’s account. A hold will prevent students from registering or obtaining transcripts.
  • Parkland College may take other action necessary to recover damages arising from the use of loanable technology.
  • Overdue accounts will be sent to collection agency when 6 months past due and Parkland College shall be entitled to recover any collection fees.


  • Borrower is responsible for full replacement costs if the equipment is stolen, damaged, or lost during the checkout period. Processing charges will also be applied.


  • All borrowers must use devices in accordance with Parkland College computer/network usage polices.
  • Personal software may not be loaded onto the devices. Documents must be saved to a cloud or portable storage device.


For help using the Library’s loanable technology, contact a Parkland librarian by phone, text, or chat using the Ask Us button.


revised 9/13/2016

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