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VTT 113 Guide for Ethics Essay: Citing Sources

Getting Started: APA Style

These links will help you create in-text citations as well as your reference list in APA Style.

Tips for Citing Sources

Be sure that your sources are cited accurately and in the correct format.

  • Some article databases have a "Cite" or "Citation" option in the Tools. Copy this information to a document or email it to yourself (remember to go back and format it correctly).
  • Get citations as you go--don't do double the work by needing to look it up later.
  • When you use a book, copy down all the important information: title, author(s) or editor(s), chapter if applicable, publisher name and place, year, edition or volume number, and page numbers. Better yet, copy the front and back of the "title page" before you take the book back.

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