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PSY 101: Lasswell's PSY 101: Finding Scholarly Articles

Terms to know

Terms to know: scholarly, peer-reviewed, refereed, academic, journals

Scholarly journal articles carry a high level of credibility because they are written by experts in the field and reviewed by other experts before publication.

Authors put their reputation and also the reputation of their institutions “on the line” when they publish articles.  

How to find scholarly articles

The Library has several databases with scholarly articles, but Academic Search Complete is the largest.

  1. Click the box labeled Full Text
  2. Click the box labeled Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  3. In the Published Date area set the limit to the last 5 years
  4. In the Number of Pages area: select greater than and type in 6
  5. In the Language section, choose English
  6. Type in Search Terms
  7. Click Search

Your instructor will tell you the acceptable publishing range, it might be greater or less than 5 years.

Similarly, your instructor will determine the minimum number of pages.

Tips to make your research easier

  1. Use 2 or 3 search terms focusing on your general topic.  Be prepared to narrow your search according to gender, age, specific disorder, etc
  2. Look for options of: full text, published within 5 years, articles with at least 6 pages, save as APA style citation, etc
  3. 1st: select the most recent journals with titles that catch your attention
  4. 2nd: read the abstract
  5. 3rd: read the closing comments/summary at the end, before the reference list
  6. If you are still interested, then read the whole article and save it
  7. Look for options to save it or to be emailed to your home computer
  8. In addition to the minimum peer-reviewed articles, you can use 1 article from the APA Monitor on Psychology

Scholarly vs. Popular Periodicals

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