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ESL 101: Books

Check Out 101

Q.  What do I need to check out a book?

A.   Your Parkland ID.

Q: RESERVE books too?

A: Yes, you need your Parkland ID.  Reserve materials are at the desk, and most can be used in the library only, for up to 2 hours.

Q: If I can't check something out, what are my options?

A: Copiers: 10cents/page for black & white copies OR 50cents/page for color. FREE OPTION: scan the material and save it to a USB or email it to yourself.

Q: How many books can I have checked out at once?

A: 20

Why use books?

Books provide excellent background information that has been "vetted" or checked out before you get to it. Librarians choose books that are published by reputable publishers and/or have good reviews.  They also attempt to buy materials that show all sides of controversial issues.

Don't worry -- you don't have to read the entire book!. Use the table of contents and index to find the parts that help you with your research argument.


Parkland Library has over 100,000 eBooks ranging from popular to scholarly.  Major reference works are listed below, but please use the collection search boxes or the library catalog to find more.

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