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Guide to election information, including local races.

Midterm elections take place every two years between presidential elections. All members of the House of Representatives are due for re-election. One-third of the total Senate is also up, but none in Illinois for 2018. There are gubernatorial contests, including Illinois, and initiative/referendum votes and more local elections taking place at the same time.

  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 6.
  • Early voting is happening NOW. When and where for Champaign County.
  • Elections in Illinois are run by the County Clerks for each county. You register and vote in the county of your legal residence. Students can generally register EITHER at their non-school residence (such as a parents house) OR your school residence. NOT both. Check with the county web site(s) below to see if and where you are registered.
  • Regular voter registration is closed, but there is a "grace period." Check with your county to see when and where Grace Period Registration is available.
  • Registering to Vote in Illinois (Information Sheet from the State)

Step One: Check your Registration

PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer recommending a third party or "national" site to check your registration. Users have reported being given incorrect information about their registration status.

The best way to check your registration status is with the county where you reside. If you can't check it directly on the web site find a number to call.

Step Two: Research the Issues

Step Three: Fact Checking

Here are local (Champaign Urbana area) news sources, where you may find more information about issues and candidates.

NEW! Build Your Ballot

Illinois Newsroom (a public radio collective) is offering an Illinois-centered place to discover your candidates and issues. 

Check it out here.

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