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Welcome to the research guide for your paper!  This guide can help you get to good resources for your research. Questions?  Ask -- see the ways to contact us below and on the right.

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How to use this guide

For this 10-12 page research paper, you have the freedom to pick a topic that is related to plagiarism, education, or technology. Some of the possible questions you can explore in your paper include:
Plagiarism: What is plagiarism? What uses of others’ words may be considered plagiarism? In your opinion, why do college students routinely plagiarize? Who is responsible for teaching students how to avoid plagiarism, and at what age should students be taught these lessons? Does plagiarism hurt anyone? If so, whom does it hurt? Who is victimized and how? Who (or what) should be held most accountable for incidents of plagiarism in college? How does the internet complicate the issue of plagiarism? What makes plagiarism an issue of ethics? What should the consequences be for college students who plagiarize in today’s college environment?
Education: Is education important? Is it a privilege or basic right? Is college education a waste of your money?  What does public/private education do to people? What does it teach? Does it oppress people in any way? Has public/private education been effectively preparing students for future careers? What do you think should be the mission of public/private education? How does the new media complicate public/private education? Has new technology enhanced students’ skills to thrive in the job market and be able to perform their job duties capably? What change do you recommend to public/private education in the US? What do you know about public/private education in other countries? What changes do you want to see? Why?

Technology (Pick one to answer in your paper): 1) How has technology affected human being’s life? Has it made our life better or worse? Is it a bless or a curse? ; 2)  How has technology complicated our relationship with other people? Do you feel more connected to or more isolated from friends and families? Do you think we are a more connected world now? Why? ; 3) What does technology do to education? Has it empowered students and made learning more productive and interesting? How can it contribute positively to education? Should more technology be introduced to assist students in learning? Why? ; 4) How has technology impacted writing? In what ways are we writing differently due to the introduction of new technology? Is technology enabling or disabling the students as writers? What can college writers do to positively utilize technology as a learning or writing tool? ; 5) Has technology made people dumber? Is using technology a demonstration of human intelligence or stupidity? ; 6)  Is computer technology essential to human beings? Can we live happily without computer technology and digital gadgets such as iPads, iWatches and iPhones? Are there specific groups of people being marginalized due to not being able access such technology?

Here's a suggested way to go...

eBooks : Encyclopedias/Dictionaries for background info, definitions

Books (print & electronic) for more in-depth background

Articles for more current information


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