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MAT 094 CAS: Home

Pre Algebra Section 1.1 Lessons and review

This section asks you to understand place value and the names of large numbers.

Here are Narrated Powerpoints -- they've got sound.   Please, if you see or hear mistakes or something you'd like changed, click on "comment" and say so :)


How do I Find the Place Value of a Digit?

What is a whole number?

Naming Small Numbers -- the homework doesn't include any problems like this.  If you already know the names of numbers less than a thousand, you can skip it :)

Naming Large Numbers - one group at a time.  
   This show will review the names of the big groups (thousands, millions, billions and trillions) but if  naming 243,001,308,000,121 seems intimidating, start here.

Naming Large Numbers -- all mixed up!  Numbers up to the trillions for you to name in words and digits -- how to do it, and practice.

Section 1.2 - Integers

Introduction to Integers:   how can you add something... and end up with less?   This little story introduces the idea of the "opposite" nature of integers.

Adding integers of the same sign -- this is via Camtasia, with quizzes interspersed in the video.  (You can push the little "play" thing along and get past the quizzes, though.)

Absolute Value -- how can you be absolutely positive about absolute value?   A visual-kinesthetic approach can help :)

Adding integers with different signs -- lesson with practice and review of adding same-signed integers

More Powerpoint Shows:  

Subtracting Integers - adding the *opposite* :)

Subtracting positive integers from negative integers --

and, finally...

Subtracting Negative Integers -- taking away a bad thing is giving you a good thing!

Distributive property review -- flash movie

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