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ANT 103: Podcast Resources

Have the Audacity!

Audacity is installed on the media computers behind the Tech Services Desk in the library, but you can also install it on your own computer. It's free to download.

Audacity has many functions. Here are links to information that cover the basics, and beyond.

Recording Tips

  • Start with Silence.  About 10 seconds at the start of your recording is useful.
  • Use Silence as a "marker."  Mess up?  Just be quiet for a few seconds then start again.  It will be easier to see and snip out your mistakes later.
  • Save often!  While you're working, save as an Audacity project--convert it to mp3 when you're done.
  • DON'T EDIT YOUR ORIGINAL FIELD COPIES!  Keep your original archived and make a working copy of your project.
  • Some menu option or effect not working?  Remember to hit STOP.  Some options are grayed out if you are only paused.
    Remember the magnifying glass!


Q. How do you mix two tracks together--add music under speech, for example.

A. Open and edit your interview track first, then import the secondary track and adjust levels. See this tutorial.

Royalty Free Music

Be careful when mixing music into your podcasts. Commercial recordings cannot be used in this way without obtaining a license and, usually, paying a fee. Use original or royalty-free music instead. The page below links to a multitude of resources.

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