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Library Information and Policies

Parkland Library's policies and information pages

Library Mission

The mission of the Parkland College Library is to provide services and resources that support the educational goals and purpose of Parkland College.

The Library is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, resources, and environment for the students, faculty, and staff of the College, and for community members of District 505.

Library Objectives

To support its mission the Library and its staff are committed to the following objectives:

  • providing information literacy and library instruction by offering professional guidance in identifying, interpreting, and using library materials and information
  • adopting proven and cost-effective advances in technology including the Internet and other electronic resources
  • ensuring that library collections, services, and information resources are responsive to curricular and academic program needs as well as personal enrichment and lifelong learning
  • providing an accessible physical environment that encourages study and reflection, enhances the educational experience, and preserves the library's collections
  • participating in the larger resource sharing community
  • demonstrating a shared commitment to continuous improvement of resources and services and to ongoing staff development
  • providing effective communication about library resources to the Parkland College community
  • ensuring the preservation and availability of official college records, correspondence, and publications
  • upholding the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights.

Patron Privacy

Parkland College Library is deeply committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of library users. This commitment is in compliance with local, state and federal rules, as well as Parkland College policies and procedures, and is consistent with the American Library Association’s Code of Ethics.

We abide by Article III of the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association: "We protect each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted." 

Patron privacy is taken very seriously by the library staff. Staff cannot tell you who checked out the item you are looking for, or what somebody has checked out.

From Parkland College Policy and Procedures Manual


Parkland College is committed to the protection of all Library customer's right to privacy in the use of library resources and discloses patron information to the patron only. Records of patron transactions are kept only as long as is required to collect administrative statistics and then are erased. The College, in accordance with the Illinois Local Library Act (75 ILCS 5/1-7) and the Library Records Confidentiality Act (75 ILCS 70) recognizes that library circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users are to be confidential in nature. Such records shall not be made available to any individual or to any agencies of state, federal, or local government, except pursuant to such process, order, or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power.

Upon receipt of such process, order, or subpoena, the College will consult with legal counsel to determine if such process, order, or subpoena is in proper form and if there is showing of good cause for its issuance. If the process, order, or subpoena is not in proper form, or if good cause has not been shown, the College will insist that such defects be cured.

Overview of Services

Research Help

Research and reference assistance is available during library hours by chat, phone, text, email and in-person. Librarians and other library staff will assist users in locating library materials on the shelves, instructing users in use of the library's catalog and other online databases. Our friendly librarians teach users how to find the answers and information they need.


The library makes as many materials as possible available for checkout, including books, videos, DVDs, laptops, iPads, Chromebooks, Kindles, i>clickers, headphones, video cameras, and calculators.

Computer Facilities

Desktop computers, printers, scanners, and laptops are available. In times of high demand, academic use takes precedent. Microsoft Office is available on the computers.

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a service available at no charge to Parkland students, faculty, and staff. It enables users to borrow materials owned by other libraries in the state and or other libraries throughout the country. The service is not available to Community Borrowers.

In addition, Parkland is a member of I-Share library system and has reciprocal borrowing privileges with other members.

Library Instruction

Parkland librarians provide instruction to classes and individuals in the use of the library's services and resources. Click here to schedule one today. One-on-one instruction is usually done at the user's request; however, appointments may be made by contacting the librarians.

Affiliations and Memberships

CARLI (The Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois)

CCC (Copyright Clearance Center)

IHLS (Illinois Heartland Library System)

ILA (Illinois Library Association)

LOEX Clearinghouse for Library Instruction

NCLR (National Council for Learning Resources)

NILRC (Network of Illinois Learning Resources in Community Colleges)

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center)

Parkland College Library
2400 West Bradley Avenue
Champaign, IL 61821

Fax: 217/351-2581