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Library Information and Policies

Parkland Library's policies and information pages

Food & Drink


Covered drinks are permitted in the library.

Food is not permitted unless for organized library sponsored events.


  • The Library is accessible via the elevator in the College Center.
  • There is an additional elevator inside the Library. It goes only between the main and upper floors within the library; it does not go down to the first floor of the College without staff assistance.
  • A CC TV (image reader) reader is available.
  • Televisions with closed captioning capabilities are available.
  • Assistance is available at all times the library is open.
  • Please contact a member of staff if you need assistance at any time.


Children under the age of 16 are welcome in the library but must always be accompanied by an adult. The library staff is not responsible for the safety or behavior of children left unattended and the Office of Public Safety may be called if children are disruptive.

Parkland College Policy and Procedure Manual Policy 5.04

It is understood that the mission of the college is to provide an atmosphere that is as free as possible from outside distractions and disruptions. In order to maintain this environment, unaccompanied/unauthorized minor children are not allowed on the campus. To protect children from possible injury and to maintain a safe, secure learning environment, children are not permitted in classes and are not to be left unsupervised anywhere on campus, including employee work areas.

Study Spaces

Parkland Library is located on two floors of the Parkland College campus, directly above the College Center. The upper floor features reading tables and carrels in the only silent study area on campus.

The main floor has over 60 computer workstations, an electronic classroom, group study room, and is where the main service points in the library are located.

Silent Study Floor

  • The library maintains a silent study floor on the upper level.
  • Patrons are expected to be respectful of others around them and monitor their own noise levels.
  • Please turn off cell phone ringers and pagers, and take phone conversations in another area of the library.
  • If a patron has a concern about noise levels, s/he should contact a library staff member immediately.

Main Floor

  • Talking is permitted on the first and second floor. However, please be respectful of your fellow students.
  • As a courtesy to others, please use your cell phone outside of the library.
  • Headphones are available at the Desk if you would like to listen to music or watch a DVD on your computer.

Group Study

Group Study includes R226

  • table seating for ten people
  • a computer with wireless access, attached to a large monitor
  • a large monitor with WePresent, screen casting support for PCs and mobile devices
  • a telephone for calls made within the Parkland campus

Usage Policy R226 

Reservations are required. Users may have one reservation on the books at a time. Exceptions are made by the Director of the Library. R-226 may be reserved for a period of up to 4 hours. The room may be used for an additional 2 hours if the room is available. A reservation must be made each time a group wishes to use R-226. Exceptions must be approved in advance by the Director of the Library. R-226 must be vacated thirty minutes prior to the library closing. Covered beverages are allowed. The room must be left in a clean and orderly condition.

Reserving R-226

Email or call to make a reservation: 217-373-3839. The group name and contact person / phone number / e-mail address are required at the time the reservation is requested. Arrangements for conference calling can be requested at the time of the reservation.

Library Classroom

Library Classroom (R-227)


The Library Classroom (R-227) contains: R227 R227

  • 1 instructor computer workstation
  • 24 student computer workstations
  • PC Print station
  • LCD projector
  • whiteboard
  • document camera
  • DVD/VHS/CD players

Use of the Classroom for Library Instruction

 Priority is given to scheduling the classroom for instruction by librarians.

To schedule a course-related library instruction session, complete the online request form at least one week prior to the desired date of instruction.

The librarians are available to discuss options for instruction and assist in choosing the most appropriate sources relevant to the needs of your course.

Faculty Use of the Library Classroom

  • Faculty members may reserve the library classroom.
  • The library classroom can be reserved no more than three sessions per semester for any individual class. Librarian-led classes do not count toward these limits.
  • The library classroom cannot be reserved as the regular meeting place for a class.

Reserving the Library Classroom

We require reservations be made no more than 48 hours in advance and no less than 2 hours in advance.
To make a reservation, contact the library ( or 217/373-3839).

Student Use of the Library Classroom

When not in use for library instruction or otherwise reserved, the library classroom may be open for general use by students.
Because of instructional demands, students may be asked to leave the classroom on short notice.
When not in use for library instruction or other classes, the library classroom functions as a quiet space.                                                                                                            

Covered beverages are allowed. Food is not allowed.

Updated 12/13/2011

Media Viewing

DVDs and Streaming media can be viewed on most library computers.

Headphones are available for check-out at the Main Desk.

VHS tapes and Blu-Ray can be viewed on selected workstations. Ask at the Main Desk.

Media viewing for small and large groups can be arranged in the Group Study or Classroom. Ask at the Main Desk.

DIY Media Production

DIY Media Production

In 3D Printing area. Two computers are available with

  • microphones (check out at Main Desk)
  • web cams (check out at Main Desk)
  • software for editing audio and video
    • Audacity
    • Windows Movie Maker
    • Adobe Premier Elements

Students may use the machines to edit audio and video, produce podcasts, etc.

Book & Media Theft Detection

A security system is located at both the north and south exits. Chimes will sound if a patron exits with library materials that are not properly charged out. The patron must then return to the Desk to have the materials charged out.

Personal bags may be searched by a member of the library staff.


Entrances to the Library will be locked 15 minutes prior to closing.

Patrons within the Library will need to finish what they are doing in order to exit promptly before closing time. While library staff may give verbal reminders shortly before closing, the absence of a reminder does not absolve patrons of the responsibility for exiting the Library in a timely manner.

In order to facilitate the smooth closing of the Library, library staff requests the following:

  • Patrons using computers must save and/or print 15 minutes prior to closing to ensure that they get the material they need and that there is time to address any computer or printer problems that might arise.
  • All items to be charged out must be brought to the Desk 15 minutes prior to closing.
  • All photocopying should be completed 15 minutes prior to closing.

For our scheduled hours of operation, see Hours.

Scheduling Lounges

Contact the Library Director's Office at 217/351-2365.

  • Reading Lounge
  • International Lounge
  • Magazine Lounge


Exhibits and displays are an integral part of supporting and publicizing the many and varied information resources available.

The primary goals of exhibits and displays are: 

  • To highlight past scholarship and encourage future scholarship.
  • To highlight alternative and unique topics for investigation.
  • To educate patrons about new methods of research.
  • To publicize libraries, library collections, and campus resources
  • To enhance the visual atmosphere of the library.

Displays: Policy & Procedure

To achieve our goals Parkland Library has established these policies and procedures: 

  • Contact the library at 217/373-3839 to schedule a display. If requests to display in the library are received from individuals or organizations not associated with the library, the Display Coordinator will consult with the Library Director.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse to host an exhibit for any reason.
  • Displays should be put up and taken down on the approved dates.  Contact the coordinator if you find you are unable to keep these dates.
  • All materials must be removed promptly at the close of the exhibit period. The person or organization putting up the display is responsible for ensuring this has been accomplished.
  • Displays created by non-library individuals or organizations must include the name of the responsible individual or sponsoring organization and must be clearly visible within the display area.
  • The library cannot assume responsibility for damage or theft of any item exhibited. All items placed in the library are done so at the owner's risk.

Responsibilities of the Display Coordinator:

  • Maintain the display schedule.
  • Act as liaison between the library and non-library individuals or organizations.
  • Contact displayers with a reminder the week before their scheduled time.

-- August 2011

Parkland College Library
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