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Liaison Librarian Program

The Liaison Librarian Program provides faculty in departments with an ongoing opportunity for learning about the programs, services and collections of Parkland Learning Commons (LC). A librarian is appointed to a specific department to maintain regular communication between the Learning Commons and that department. Departments are encouraged to include their liaison librarian in any forum, project, department meeting, or program where library support is a factor to be considered.

The Learning Commons encourages the department to formally designate a faculty member as the department library liaison so the librarian can learn more about the department and refer faculty needs to appropriate individuals or units within the LC. The liaison librarian will keep the department informed of LC activities and will act as the primary contact for faculty, representing the needs of the assigned academic department to the LC.

Depending on the needs of the department, activities of a liaison librarian might include

  • Periodic meetings with individuals or groups of faculty to review information needs, including resources that should be added
  • Introducing new faculty to the LC and its programs and services
  • Tailoring instructional programs to specific unit needs
  • Providing assistance on difficult, specialized database searches
  • Monitoring curricular developments in the unit

Liaison assignments are made based on a combination of an individual's academic background, work experience and interest; assignments are evaluated periodically. Any faculty member with any question about Parkland Learning Commons, its programs and services, may contact their department liaison.

If you have questions or suggestions about the program, call or e-mail Morgann Quilty, Learning Commons Associate Dean. 

Department Liaisons

Department/Area                                                        Librarian                                                         Phone

Adult Education                                                            Jing Shi                                                            217-351-2416

Agricultural Technologies                                             Kati Haskins                                                     217-351-2396

Applied Sciences and Technologies                            Amanda Avery                                                  217-351-2883

Arts & Media                                                                Kati Haskins                                                     217-351-2396

Aviation                                                                        Shalini Smith                                                    217-351-2298

Business                                                                      Eric Sizemore                                                   217-351-2690

Child Development Center                                          Morgann Quilty                                                 217-351-2596

Computer Sciences & Technologies                           Jing Shi                                                             217-351-2416

Health Professions                                                      Amanda Avery                                                  217-351-2883

Humanities                                                                  Jane Smith                                                       217-351-2410

Mathematics                                                               Shalini Smith                                                     217-351-2298

Natural Sciences                                                        Jane Smith                                                        217-351-2410

Social Sciences                                                          Shalini Smith                                                     217-351-2298

Student Services                                                        Jing Shi                                                             217-351-2416

                                                                                   Amanda Avery                                                   217-351-2883 


Liaison Librarian Responsibilities

Each librarian liaison has a special responsibility to ensure that the faculty of the department is kept informed about Learning Commons (LC) programs, services and products that support their instructional and research activities.

Throughout each academic year a librarian liaison will

  • Acquaint themselves with the content of courses offered in the department
  • Identify opportunities to increase the Learning Commons presence in the department's instructional program
  • Make personal visits to the department as necessary
  • Ensure that newly appointed faculty are introduced to the LC and its major functions
  • Work with faculty colleagues to resolve library issues, obtain needed LC materials, locate needed information, and explore the Internet and its tools
  • Analyze relevant portions of the book and journal collection and perform collection development as needed

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