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Library Information and Policies

Parkland Library's policies and information pages

Fall 2020

The default due date for materials checked out in Fall 2020 will be December 18th for ALL patron groups.

Materials may be recalled for the use of another patron, which would cause this loan period to decrease. You will be notified by email if that happens.

Check your account to see what materials you have checked out and confirm due dates.    COVID

Valid Library ID Card

A valid ID card is required to borrow materials at the Parkland Library. The following ID cards are accepted:

  • A current Parkland College Identification card
  • A Parkland Library community borrower card (go to the Main Desk to get information and initiate the process of obtaining this)
  • A current photo ID card from another I-Share Member Library.

Returning Materials

Borrowers may return Parkland and I-Share library materials to the Desk or to the bookdrop at the bottom of the Library stairs, regardless of where the item was originally borrowed.

Because library materials are discharged from the borrower's account at the location to which they are returned and prior to being shipped back to the owning library, borrowers are not held responsible for items that are lost in shipping.

Recall Policy

If another borrower recalls an item that you have checked out, you will receive a "recall notice" in the mail. This notice informs you that the loan period for the item has been shortened and that the material must be returned by a certain date. This date is usually 15 days from the date the item was recalled.

The Library's recall policy insures that library materials are equitably available.

Please return Library materials by the modified due date. You are responsible for any fines incurred for not returning materials on time.

Renewals Policy

Library materials from the Parkland Library and from other I-Share Libraries can be renewed online or in person.

ONLINE: Parkland Library materials can be renewed over the online catalog if the borrower's account is in good standing. Account problems that may prevent an online renewal include:

  • 1 overdue recalled item
  • Reaching a renewal threshold set for a particular item
  • Fines and other library charges in excess of $150.00
  • A block initiated by another I-Share Library because of an unpaid bill or other account problem
  • An upcoming expiration date in your borrower record. This can occur if you are no longer employed at Parkland College or enrolled here as a student at Parkland College
  • 10 lost items


IN PERSON: Go to the Desk. The following items CANNOT be renewed:

  1. Items that have been recalled by another patron. These items should be returned immediately to the Library.
  2. Items that are normally non-circulating, but were loaned to you on an exception basis.
  3. Reserve items.
  4. Overdue items borrowed from other I-Share Libraries, depending upon the policy of the individual library.
  5. Telecourses that have been renewed once already.

Loan Periods & Limits Policy

Most library materials are available for loan by authorized borrowers. Borrower category and type of material determine loan availability and loan periods given. Authorized borrowers include currently enrolled Parkland College students, currently employed Parkland College faculty and staff, and other categories of borrowers as outlined in the Library circulation policies.

Renewals are permitted, but may be restricted for certain items or if another patron requests the item.

The Library reserves the right to recall an item, and require its return before the end of the loan period.

See complete policy

See our handy chart for circulation loan periods:

Your Account Information

Your Account lets you: renew materials you have checked out, view the status of items you have requested, check whether you have any fines/fees, and save your search commands by selecting remembered titles or remembered searches.

Accessing Your Account

1. Go to your Account
2. You will be directed to the ParklandOne login screen
3. After you are logged in, review borrower information from choices on the right.
4. When finished, click Log Out to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Borrower Information
While reviewing your borrower information in your Account, you can:

Check Due Dates
Items that you have borrowed are grouped by owning library. The status will be indicated. You can renew overdue items from the Parkland Library or other I-Share Member Libraries. However, if an item reaches the renewal limit (varies from library to library), if the item's status is lost, or if the item has been recalled, you cannot renew it and should return it to the Library.

Renew Items
You can renew items from Parkland and other libraries through your Account. To renew an item:

  1. Click the box to the right of the item title(s)
  2. Click "Renew Selected Items"
  3. Review item status message for notices that items could not be renewed and/or to see the new due dates.

View Status of Requested Items
After placing a request in the Online Library Catalog, the status of the request can be seen in your Account. If an item is ready for you to pick up, the pick-up location will be listed. If you want to cancel a request before it is processed, you can do so by checking the box to the right of the title and then clicking Cancel Selected Requests.

Fines and Fees
If you have any fines, the amount will be recorded here until a bill is issued. All Parkland fees are collected at the Cashier's Window, A108.

Catalog Help
If you have questions about finding materials, using the Catalog, or with MyAccount, please call the Desk: 217/373-3839 or email us:

Overdue and Lost Material

It is your responsibility to return Library materials on time. Overdue notices are issued as a courtesy to all library users. Notices are sent via Parkland email to Parkland students, faculty and staff. You are responsible for checking your Parkland email account on a regular basis. However, non-receipt of an overdue notice does not exempt a borrower from applicable fines or billings.

To avoid overdue notices, fines, and bills please renew your materials using your Account before the due date stamped in each item or return an item by the recall due date if the item has been requested by another borrower.

  • The first overdue notice is issued when an item is 2 weeks overdue
  • The second overdue notice is issued when an item is 4 weeks overdue. At this time you will be sent a Final Notice and Bill. Unpaid bills will prevent students from being able to obtain transcripts or register for classes. Credit will not be given for items returned after six months.
  • When fines amount to $150.00 or more, further borrowing is blocked. Both blocking and billing will be enforced until the item is returned, replaced, or paid for in full.
  • You may pay library bills at the Cashier's Office, Room A108. For hours, call 217/351-2233

Overdue fines for reserve items:

  • The patron is responsible for the timely return of all items, whether or not any reminder or overdue notice is received from the Library
  • When a reserve item is Overdue, a $15.00 processing fee and the replacement cost of the item may be added to the patron's account
  • All charges are non-refundable

Fines & Fees From Other Libraries

Parkland Library borrowers are subject to the loan and fine policies of the institution from which they have borrowed the material. All Parkland faculty, students, and staff may be charged overdue fines, processing fees, and lost book charges by the lending library for failure to return or renew material by the due date.

As a member of the I-Share Library Consortium, the Parkland Library adheres to the I-Share Library Resource Sharing Code. This code obligates us to assist the lending library in securing the return of overdue materials and the fines and/or processing fees associated with late renewals or returns. Lending libraries may request that we block the borrowing privileges of Parkland patrons who fail to return or renew materials when due, who fail to return recalled material promptly, or who do not pay invoices received for overdue fines, billing fees, or lost book charges promptly.

For information on each library's policy, click here.

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