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Library Information and Policies

Parkland Library's policies and information pages


The Community Borrower Card Permits the Following Privileges to Community College District 505 Residents:


  • Community Borrower Card holders may borrow any materials which are in the general circulating collection. 
  • A total of ten (10) items may be checked out at any time on a single card. Books may be recalled before the due date if needed by a student or faculty member. Certain items may not be renewed. 
  • Privileges do not include borrowing through the I-Share consortium, Reserve and interlibrary loan services, or off-campus access to research databases. 


Citizens of District 505 who are not currently students, faculty, or staff at Parkland College and who are at least 18 years of age are eligible to obtain a Community Borrower Card (Parkland College Photo ID Card).

  • Cards are valid for one year from the date of issue.
  • Cards may be renewed annually if patron is in good standing.
  • The cost is free.  However, to replace a lost or stolen card, there is a $5.00 fee.  Lost or stolen cards should be promptly reported to the Department of Public Safety (217-351-2369) to ensure no liability for the community borrower.
  • Cardholders are fully responsible for all library materials checked out on their card, including replacement cost of materials and any processing fees.
  • Community borrowers may charge a maximum of ten (10) items, as follows:
  • Books (limit 10) - due in 4 weeks
  • Feature films (limit 4) - due in 1 week
  • Sound recordings (limit 4) - due in 2 weeks
  • Failure to pay any library fines, fees, or charges will result in the loss of library privileges.  Past due accounts may be turned over to a collection agency.  Account holders are responsible for all collection costs and legal fees, according to Section 7.02.04 of the Parkland College Policy and Procedures Manual.  Policies and fees are subject to change at any time without prior notification.
  • Card holders must notify the Library or ID office (U107) in person of any changes in address, telephone, or email address.


How to Get a Card

  1. Complete an application form and present proof of residency, age, and a photo ID at the Learning Commons Main Desk.
  2. Fill out a non-credit application in Admissions (U214).
  3. Get your picture taken and your ID card issued in the Office of Student Life (U111).
  4. Go to the Library to activate your ID card.  A current email address will be required.

Acceptable identification sources are listed below.  NOTE:  A current Illinois driver's license with your current address will provide all three proofs.

Proof of Identity - Any photo ID that lists your name.  For example:

  • state identification card
  • school ID
  • employment ID
  • passport

Proof of Age

  • driver's license (any state)
  • passport
  • birth certificate

Proof of Residency in Parkland College District 505

  • Illinois driver's license or state ID with current address
  • car registration
  • bill for car insurance
  • renter's or homeowners insurance bill
  • lease
  • copy of income tax return (IL or US)
  • tax bill
  • voting receipt
  • other notices from the Board of Elections if dated and addressed

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