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508 Captioning Compliance

How to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act Sec. 508 requiring closed captioning on video used for instructional purposes.

What's Section 508 All About?

In two words:  video captions.

Section 508b of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act requires that "Equivalent alternatives for any multimedia presentation shall be synchronized with the presentation." 

This means video files and live audio broadcasts used in the classroom must have synchronized captions or transcripts, and that content presented visually via video should have a content description track.

closed captioning symbol

Are Library DVDs Closed Captioned?

Not all of them. Some materials were purchased prior to advent of ubiquitous Closed Captioning. While we have made efforts to replace such material with captioned versions, sometimes the materials have not been released in a captioned version or are no longer available at all. If you need accommodations for library owned, non-captioned material, contact us for options.

The Library does not currently purchase physical materials (DVD/Blu-Ray) that do not have Closed Captions, except in rare circumstances where there is a specific curricular need that can be met no other way.

Are Library Streaming Services Closed Captioned?

Most streaming services provide closed captioning or synchronized transcripts. Check before assigning a video and contact a librarian in you need assistance or have questions.

Closed Captioning may display by default or look for and toggle the familiar symbol.

Some titles feature contextual transcripts in a box beside the video. These transcripts are usually also searchable, which can help everyone locate specific content in the video.

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