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POS 202: International Relations Conflicts

Investigates contemporary issues such as arms control, transnationalism, and the United Nations.

How to Use This Guide



Use this guide to find information, resources, and materials on various topics such as the politics of international state system, arms control, transnationalism, United Nations, international finance, and the southern hemispheric development. The tabs take you to all sorts of resources.

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International Conflicts

African Conflicts:

  • Central Africa Conflicts (Eastern Congo, Rwanda, Cameroon, etc.: Choose One)
  • Conflict in the Sahel (Boko Haram, Islamic State of Maghreb, etc.: Choose One)
  • Libya Conflict
  • Somalia Wars

Asian Conflicts:

  • Afghanistan Conflict
  • Azerbaijan Armenia Conflict
  • India-Pakistan Conflict
  • Korean Conflict
  • China Conflict in the South China Sea

European Conflicts:

  • Brexit
  • European Union: Trade Policy
  • NATO-Russia Conflict
  • Ukrainian Conflict

International Cooperations:

  • Global Collective Security
  • Global Environmental Policies
  • Global Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy
  • Global Refugee Crises (pick one or many)
  • Global War on Terrorism
  • Politics of International Development
  • World Trade: Regime & Conflicts

Middle East Conflicts:

  • Iran-Arab-World Conflict
  • Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • Syrian Conflict
  • Yemen Wars

U.S. Conflicts:

  • US-China Conflict
  • US-Cuba Conflict
  • US-Iran Conflict
  • US-Russia Conflict

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