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Chronicle of Higher Education

When you are viewing the Chronicle from the Parkland Library web page, you are likely to continue to see pop-ups urging you to subscribe.


Cynical answer: It's a great deal for the Chronicle if they can get the library to pay for an institutional subscription AND get you to pay for an individual one. Why not try it?

AND, because that would be such a sweet deal, in Fall of 2017 the Chronicle did start repackaging some content in a way that is NOT made available to institutional subscribers. For the most part, these are "Focus Collections" created by compiling already-published Chronicle stories, pulled together in such a way as to create a primer or issue brief.

We reached out to our Chronicle sales representative and asked questions to better understand what they are offering.  Here are the questions and her responses:

Q. What is the content contained in these reports?

A. These reports are a compilation of previously published content. The individual articles within the Focus Collections are available to every site license user - it’s just the downloadable file that has been created for individual subscribers.

Q. Are tables of contents available for the reports?

A. Unfortunately, the table of contents are not currently available outside of the downloadable PDF file

Q. Is other content added to the collections that site license subscribers do not otherwise have access to?

A. No, there is no additional unique content added to the collections that site license users do not have access to.

Q. Is there other content to which site license subscribers do not have access?

A. The only other feature that is currently available only to individual subscribers is The Daily Briefing newsletter.  We have also publish several reports (ex: “The Future of…” series), which are only available as standalone products and are not included in any type of subscription (site license or individual).

Here is the link to learn more about the Daily Briefing newsletter, which is available only to individual subscribers:

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