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Guide to information about newspapers and finding information within them

Citing Newspaper Articles

To Cite a Newspaper Article in MLA:

Cite a newspaper article as you would a magazine article, but note the different pagination in a newspaper. If there is more than one edition available for that date (as in an early and late edition of a newspaper), identify the edition following the date (e.g., 17 May 1987, late ed.).

       Brubaker, Bill. "New Health Center Targets County's Uninsured Patients." Washington

              Post 24 May 2007: LZ01. Print.

       Krugman, Andrew. "Fear of Eating." New York Times 21 May 2007 late ed.: A1. Print.

If the newspaper is a less well-known or local publication, include the city name and state in brackets after the title of the newspaper.

       Behre, Robert. "Presidential Hopefuls Get Final Crack at Core of S.C. Democrats."  

              Post and Courier [Charleston, SC] 29 Apr. 2007: A11. Print.

       Trembacki, Paul. "Brees Hopes to Win Heisman for Team." Purdue Exponent [West

              Lafayette, IN] 5 Dec. 2000: 20. Print.


To Cite a Newspaper Article in APA:

Unlike other periodicals, p. or pp. precedes page numbers for a newspaper reference in APA style. Single pages take p., e.g., p. B2; multiple pages take pp., e.g., pp. B2, B4 or pp. C1, C3-C4.

       Schultz, S. (2005, December 28). Calls made to strengthen state energy policies. The

              Country Today, pp. 1A, 2A.

Note: Due to issues with html coding, the listings below using brackets contain spaces that are not to be used with your listings. Use a space as normal before the brackets, but do not include a space following the bracket.

Letter to the Editor

       Moller, G. (2002, August). Ripples versus rumbles [Letter to the editor]. Scientific

              American, 287(2), 12.


       Baumeister, R. F. (1993). Exposing the self-knowledge myth [Review of the book The

              self-knower: A hero under control, by R. A. Wicklund & M. Eckert]. Contemporary

              Psychology, 38, 466-467.

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