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FYE 101: Information Sources

search MOST databases at once

Online Occupational Outlook Handbook

Free online source. Type in your career choice in the search box on right side.

Occupational Outlook Handbook, Online

Look through all categories in your career:

  • Nature of the Work
  • Training, Other Qualifications, and Advancement
  • Employment
  • Job Outlook
  • Projections
  • Earnings
  • Wages
  • Related Occupations
  • Sources of Additional Information

Salary Info

Search for salary info on specific jobs in specific geographic areas

Salary Wizard - add your job title & location to find average salary range.

Newspaper Classifieds

You can find most major newspaper's job classifieds by searching the name of the paper, adding the word jobs.

Some newspapers simply use

Here are a few regional links to get you started.

Article Sources

You may do better in a database that specializes in topics related to your career.  See if one of these might suit you better:

Keywords for Article Searches

In article databases, you have a lot of flexibility to create searches with multiple terms.  Put your career in the top search box, then try one of these terms in the box below.

employment | jobs | job growth | salary | technology

Once you've read a few, identify key trends or concepts and search specifically for those.  Remember, research is iterative:  use what you learn along the way.

You are unlikely to find one perfect article that covers all the things you need to know--take the issues one at a time and look for multiple articles.  Remember, with research you have to synthesize.

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