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SOC 101: Article Databases

Learn about peer reviewed journal articles and how to find them.

search ALL the things

Best databases for peer reviewed articles in sociology

These databases search hundreds of magazines and journals in a variety of disciplines: business, psychology, history, sociology, health, medicine, etc.


You may want to use the word Sociological as one of your search terms.  An alternate way to limit would be to put the word Sociology in the Source Field (you will miss some, however, because some sociology journals do not have this word as part of the title).  Or put in a concept then a sociological theory.


You will also need to Limit your search to Peer Reviewed / Scholarly / Refereed publications.  Be sure to Limit to Full Text as well.


RESEARCH STUDIES will have sections such as:  Methods, Results, Conclusion.  Scan through the article for those sections -- if you don't see them, move on to another article.

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