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ENG 102 / 106 Verstrat: Article Databases

Guide for career paper


Find Articles

A few more resources to find articles from magazines, journals, and newspapers...

Use these for articles on most topics:

Use this resource for newspaper articles:

Use these for Controversial Topics:

Databases by Subjects

Anthropology and Cultures

Art and Architecture



Controversial Issues


Engineering and Technology

Health and Human Services







Streaming Video

Trade Publications

Most fields have, along with professional or trade associations, publications (newsletters, magazines and journals) that people read to stay current in the field. So an English teacher might read College English or Teaching English in the Two Year College.  A farmer may read Illinois Farm Reports or Prairie Farmer. An Occupational Therapist would read OT Practice or American Journal of Occupational Therapy.

Trade publications are usually limited to a specific field and may have ads, continuing education info and more. Professional publications are more likely to be scholarly reports of research in the field.

Use Journal Finder to browse publications in a specific field.

Select "Trade Publications" in Academic Search Complete or other databases.

Find Library Resources

Search for pages on the Parkland Library web site. Does not find books or articles.

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