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DHG 218 / 230: Researching SDOH and Advanced Practice

Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice

Access the library subscription using the link below.

If you have trouble with this link, JEBDL and other scientific publications can be accessed via Science Direct.

  • To limit your search to Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice type that in the Journal/book title field.

You can also use the keyword search without specifying a publication to get a broader range of results. The only way to find systematic reviews or randomized controlled trials in this database is to add those phrases as keywords.

  • You do see some limiters on the left while in your results list. Be aware that the "Review Article" limiter does NOT refer to systematic reviews.

Journal of Dental Hygiene

The Journal of Dental Hygiene can be accessed on the web at However, unless you are an ADHA member, you will not be able to access all the full text.

  • Type 1043-254X in text box and in pull down (Select a Field) "IS ISSN" THEN
  • Type keywords in second text box, third box, etc. This might be title words you found by searching/browsing the ADHA web site.


  • Under "Search Options" limit your results by some or all:
    • Evidence-Based Practice OR
    • Randomized Controlled Trials OR
    • Systematic Reviews
    • Probably not all at the same time! Each thing you specify reduces the number of articles.
  • Put appropriate keywords in the text boxes, and search.


Search tips:

  • put multi-word phrases in quotation marks, e.g. "health equity"

This database can be frustrating because it doesn't contain a lot of full text.

  • Try limiting (in left-side column) to Free Full Text.
  • Otherwise, use the "Before you pay..." box below or contact Jane to find full text.


Cochrane Library features Cochrane Reviews--systematic reviews of the literature. You won't get the most hits in this database, some of you won't find anything at all, but if you do it will be high-quality.

There are a couple of ways to go about this.
1. In the top search box, type in your patient characteristic, the intervention(s) you are considering, and/or the outcome you wish. Note that often you won't get results with all three, be prepared to reduce specifics to get more articles.

2. If you click "Advanced Search," you will see Cochrane has a PICO search. It can be interesting to see how they assign PICO keywords.

Before you pay or give up on anything for which you can't find full text, copy and paste the title into this box and search all library resources.

Need help? Contact Jane

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