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Finding Fiction

We're different than your public library!

Academic Libraries are Different

You’ve probably noticed that the Parkland Library doesn’t arrange fiction in the same way your public library does.  Works of fiction are cataloged and arranged by the Library of Congress (LC) classification system. Under LC, fictional works are grouped by nationality and shelved with other non-fiction, literature-related books. English (British) fiction is in the PR call number range and American fiction is in the PS range. Both are on the upper floor.

Here’s a quick rundown of LC arrangement for literature by nationality or type:

American - PS
Asian, African - PJ-PM
British - PR
Children’s - PZ
Classical -  PA
French, Italian, Spanish - PQ
General - PN
Germanic - PT
Slavic - PG

Within the PR and PS ranges, works by individual authors are grouped by time period (19th century, 20th century) and then arranged alphabetically by the author’s last name.  For example, PS 3550 –3576 includes books by American writers who became well-known after 1961, starting with those whose last name begins with A and continuing through the Zs

Just Want to Browse?

If you want to find current fiction quickly, go to the Best Seller shelves or the paperback shelves in the reading lounge area.

We receive selected best sellers and a variety of paperbacks for recreational reading.

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