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SPARK: SelectedWorks@Parkland

This guide describes Parkland College Library's institutional repository and faculty profile service.

What is SelectedWorks

SelectedWorks is a Parkland-branded content management and directory platform offered to all Parkland faculty which will allow you to showcase your teaching, highlight scholarly publications, presentations, or creative work, and make professional connections. With a SelectedWorks profile, you can feature your biographical information and arrange and share the resources that highlight your professional output. SelectedWorks is fully integrated with SPARK, which is supported by bepress.   

Why SelectedWorks?

  • Yours to keep, with a permanent URL
  • High search engine rankings
  • Parkland branded
  • Monitor use any time with Author Dashboard
  • Connect with colleagues
  • Administrator support 

Who's using SelectedWorks?

Customizing SelectedWorks

Customize your page with: 

  • Profile photo
  • Introductory text

Add information on your "About" page

  • Upload your vita
  • Research interest
  • Courses taught
  • Honors and awards
  • Links to additional resources and social media
  • Contact information

Arrange your content with categories that are meaningful to you.

How do I Create a Profile?

There are two ways to begin your profile.

BUILD TO SUIT: To request a profile, email SPARK staff, attach your CV and a profile photo, and note the classes that you teach. We will build your profile, including links and metadata to papers, presentations, or teaching materials, and instruct you on how to access it. Your profile will not be made public until you approve it.

DO IT YOURSELF: Create your own profile and affiliate it with Parkland.

  1. Go to, click on the Menu link
    • Click Sign Up
    • Complete the form and click Create Account
    • You will receive a confirmation email. Click the Confirm Account button.
  2. Choose a URL (this cannot be revised later)
  3. Enter your institution, position, title, and up to three disciplines.
  4. You can now customize your profile. 

How do I add content?

We recommend submitting works to us to upload to SPARK before importing into your SelectedWorks profile. Self-publishing rules vary among publishers, and we can help you make sure you are copyright compliant. For more information on copyright, see our Copyright Guide, or visit Sherpa-RoMEO to see if your publisher has established rules. Once uploaded, we'll import the work into your profile and let you know of the changes.

If you have unpublished works that do not fit SPARK's scope (for example, in-use syllabi and special instructions for students) you can upload the content directly to your profile by selecting "Add Work" and then "Upload a file." There are few fields that are required, like title, date, and discipline, and you can opt to add more information as you see fit. Remember the more information you add, the more easily it will be found, used, and shared. 

Also, with the "Add Work" function, you can direct your readers to links, or simply include your experiences by adding metadata to describe it.   


Amanda Avery - Repository Manager

(217) 373-3839

What happens if I leave Parkland?

Your profile is yours to keep. If you leave Parkland, simply deselect "Affiliate my profile with this institution" in the "Position" section of your "About" tab. You will retain access to your page and the url will not change (you can adjust your login and password accordingly). If you leave us for another institution with a SelectedWorks license, you can affiliate with them when you add your new position. 

Parkland College Library
2400 West Bradley Avenue
Champaign, IL 61821

Fax: 217/351-2581