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Finding Short Stories

Finding Short Stories at Parkland Library

Single Author Anthologies

This is a small, SMALL sampling of what Parkland owns.  To see more, search the catalog.  Try including short stories in your search. Use the author's name in your search.

Multiple Author Anthologies

Again, just a sampling, this time of multiple author anthologies. As you can see, these are usually based around a theme or something else that the stories have in common.To see more, search the catalog.  Try short story anthology in your search. Try adding a theme: short story anthology women or short story anthology mexico.

Find Stories Online

SEARCH Academic Search Complete

The example below shows a topic search. You could also put in an author's name.

Be aware this search is not comprehensive. For a well-known author it may be the worst way to search. Ask a librarian if you need help!

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