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Loanable Technology

Apple iPad Air 2

Loan Period: 3 Days

Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Loan Period: 3 hours (In-library use only)

Apple USB-C Charger

Loan Period: 3 hours (In-library use only)


87w USB-C

Apple Macbook Magsafe Charger

Loan Period: 3 hours (In-library use only)


  • 85w Magsafe 

Laptop Computer

Loan Period: 4 weeks, may be renewed three times
Requires Laptop Borrowing Agreement

Installed Software

PCs come with the Microsoft Office 365 installed. Web browsers are installed.

Adobe Creative Cloud is installed, but is only accessible to students in approved FAA classes. You must activate it using your ParklandOne login credentials. Your instructor will inform you if you are enrolled in an eligible course. If you are not enrolled in an eligible course, be able to activate Creative Cloud without the purchase of a personal subscription.



Loan Period: 3 Days
Requires Technology Borrower's Agreement

Installed Software

Chromebooks are web based, using the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface. The only software installed is the Operating System and browser.

You need a Google account to log in and use a Chromebook. 

You can access the web based versions of Microsoft Office 365 using a Chromebook, free with your ParklandOne credentials.

You can also access web based tools like Cobra and the Library.

External DVD-RW Drive

Loan Period: 1 Week

MiFi Mobile Hotspot

Loan Period: 2 Weeks



Webcam (HD)

Loan Period: 3 hours (In-library use only) 

Currently unavailable, new cameras on backorder

Wireless Mouse and Keyboard (RF)

Loan Period: 3 hours (In-library use only)

Wireless Presentation Remote

Loan Period: 1 Week

Kindle eReader

Loan Period: 2 Weeks

Check Availability:

You can request additional items be added to our Kindles.

Kindle Charger and Cable

Loan Period 2 weeks


Loan Period: 3 hours (In-library use only)

USB Drive (4 GB)

Loan Period: 3 hours

Micro SD Card and USB Reader

Loan Period: 1 Week

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Champaign, IL 61821

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