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Video Resources: For Instructors

Guide for locating video resources

Services For Instructors

Section 508/Closed Captioning Compliance

In accordance with Federal law, videos used in instructional settings must contain closed captions. Read more about the library's efforts to be compliant and what you can do regarding materials for your courses.

Video in Online Courses

  • Try our online streaming services.
  • Short segments of DVDs may legally be converted to streaming video for instructional purposes. Please see our Video Streaming Policy for more information and and the request form.

I wish the Library had some videos on....

If the Library does not own AV materials appropriate for use in your classes, and you would like some help in identifying good choices among the range of materials available, the Information Services Librarians will be happy to help, just call 373-3839.

Previewing Videos

Any video priced at $150.00 or more must be previewed and approved before purchase. Contact your library liaison or email if you would like to preview a video prior to recommending its purchase by the Library.

Placing AV Materials on Reserve

AV materials owned by the Library--or any materials you yourself own and would like to make available to your students--may be placed on Reserve in the Library for use by your classes. Place your request at the Desk in person, or email Pamela Williams, Access Services Assistant II, at, or use the Instructors' Reserve Request Form.

Need a video for a specific day?

Advance Booking is a way to make sure the audiovisual items you need will be available when you need them. Just tell us the dates you need them, specify titles with call numbers, and we'll make sure they're waiting for you. Place your request at the Desk, or email the details to, or use the Audiovisual Advance Booking Request Form.


This policy covers copyrighted and licensed material converted from physical formats (DVD, VHS) into streamed files for use in the classroom or online course management system. For information about vendor-supplied streaming video, see the Video Resources Page.

  • Short segments of DVDs, and to a more limited extent VHS tapes, may legally be converted to streaming video for instructional purposes. Copyright restrictions apply, and it is up to the instructor to ensure that use of such segments is in compliance with copyright laws. The Library can assist with your efforts, but before submitting your request, please read this brief explanation of the TEACH Act as well as the Parkland College copyright policy.
  • We prefer to convert items held by Parkland College Library, since our ownership may include some level of appropriate rights. Requests for materials not owned by the Library will be reviewed on a title-by-title basis for copyright compliance.
  • There may be a fee associated with providing streaming access to materials converted from a physical format (DVD, VHS). Information about such fees will be made available, and must be remitted by your department before the material is streamed.
  • This service is available for Parkland College faculty only. Only students currently enrolled in your course will be able to access the media files in the online course management system.

To ensure copyright compliance, content provided for academic use is subject to removal 10 days after completion of each academic semester.

Start the process by completing the online Video Permissions Form.

A minimum of two weeks (10 business days) of processing time is required for each requested segment.

Parkland College Library complies with the Parkland College copyright policy, the U.S. Copyright Code and other related laws, including but not limited to FAIR USE, TEACH Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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