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Green Roofs and Living Walls: Web Sites

A guide to information about green roofs and living walls and how to create them. Supports CIT 135 Construction Practices and Sustainability.

Search Terms

Try these search terms when searching the web:

  • "Green roofs"
  • "Roof garden"
  • "Living roof"
  •  Ecoroof
  • "Vegetative roof"
  • "Vertical garden"
  • "Living wall"
  • "Vertical farm"

Evaluate your sources!

Always be sure to evaluate any Web site or other source you use. Click on the Evaluating Information tab at the top for more information.

Green Roof Energy Calculator

The green roof energy calculator allows you to compare the annual energy performance of a building with a vegetative green roof to the same building with either a conventional roof or a highly reflective roof.

LiveRoof @ Parkland

Parkland College
Location: Champaign, Illinois
Project Size: 200 sq ft
Installation Date: 2010
LiveRoof Designer: LiveRoof, LLC
Grower: LiveRoof, LLC
Installer: Nogle and Black Roofing, Inc.

Parkland College Library
2400 West Bradley Avenue
Champaign, IL 61821

Fax: 217/351-2581