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LPN 114: Basics

Fundamentals of Nursing Research

Transcultural Nursing

For Transcultural Nursing, see the LPN 111 guide.

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Why are research skills important?

  • Build a foundation for your understanding of principles and practice.
  • Enable you to become a life-long learner, stay current in your field.
  • Give your critical thinking skills a workout.
  • Enhance the care you give your patients.


  1. What is your task?
    • Think about what kind of information you need, as well as the topic you'll search for information on.  Research paper?  Patient information?
  2. What information sources are appropriate for my task?  The web?  Research databases?  Books?
  3. Evaluation.  What did I find?  Is it appropriate for my research task?
  4. How can I sythesize this information?  Do I need to cite my sources and how do I do that?  Have I achieved my research goals?  If not, how do I fix it?


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